The School’s Professor Roger Vickerman this week added his expertise on high-speed rail to a panel of academics taking part in a seminar on the subject at the House of Commons.

The panel including Professor Vickerman took part in a parliamentary seminar on Wednesday (1 February) to examine evidence from the social sciences that can contribute to the debate on the future of high-speed rail in the UK.

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Professor Jagjit Chadha co-hosted the Second Modern Macroeconomic Policy-making Conference on 1 and 2 September at Clare College, Cambridge.

The two-day conference was an opportunity for experts to exchange views on recent advances in both theoretical and empirical analysis of financial markets, including money and the capital markets as the possible implications of the lessons from the recent financial crisis on research in macro-finance.

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Economics of DevelopmentA landmark book on the role economics can play in developing nations has been revised by the School’s Professor Tony Thirlwall forty years after he first wrote it.

Professor Thirlwall’s Economics of Development is now in its ninth edition after first appearing in 1972.

Described in reviews as a ‘landmark text’, the revised book includes new materials and case studies to provide students with an updated overview of the economic aspects of growth and development.

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Switching some of the tax burden from personal and corporate income towards housing and consumption could boost economic recovery and growth. That's one of the main findings of a new study co-authored by the School’s Professor Christopher Heady.

Working with a team of researchers from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Professor Heady found that taxes on consumption, such as VAT, and taxes on the ownership or occupation of houses, such as Council Tax in the UK, are the best way to stimulate longer-term economic growth.

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Dr Sophia Davidova (Reader, European Agricultural Policy) has been invited to serve as President Elect of the UK Agricultural Economics Society (AES) from 2010.

The nomination recognises Dr Davidova's academic achievements in the area of agricultural economics and her commitment to AES over many years. She has organised several successful AES conferences on topical policy issues, for example on the tax and tax concessions for farmers, and food price spikes of 2008. The invitation also recognises her contribution to the links between the UK AES and the European Association of Agricultural Economists.

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