Dr Edward CartwrightNew research from economists at the universities of Kent and Gothenburg has shown that those charities and other fundraisers who publicise donations above a certain level risk seeing a fall in future donations.

Conducted by Dr Edward Cartwright of Kent’s School of Economics and Gothenburg’s Dr Amrish Patel, the research revealed that reporting donations using categories for example more than £1,000 or more than £10,000 can increase total donations. However, it also found that setting a high cut-off point at which donations are publicised can actually lead to a reduction in giving.

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Ash treeA new method for assessing the impacts and risks of potential future tree and plant pest and disease outbreaks has been developed by Professor Robert Fraser, of the School of Economics, as one of the key recommendations of today’s (20 May) government report into biosecurity.

Professor Fraser developed the new methodology as one of ten experts from leading universities sitting on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (Defra) Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Expert Taskforce.

The Taskforce’s final report includes a recommendation to develop a ‘prioritised UK Plant Health Risk Register’ which suggests use of a new ‘horizon-scanning’ methodology developed by Professor Fraser – as one of its key findings.

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AirplaneProfessor Roger Vickerman, a leading specialist in transport economics at the School of Economics, says the debate over Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s proposal for a new hub airport in the Thames Estuary will continue to ‘cast a blight over north Kent’, despite its rejection in a new MP’s report.

The House of Commons Transport Committee warned that any new estuary hub airport would entail ‘huge public expense’ and would also require the closure of Heathrow.

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economic growth in an open developing economyTony Thirlwall’s new book, Economic Growth in an Open Developing Economy: The Role of Structure and Demand, is a sequel to his highly acclaimed Nature of Economic Growth published in 2002, and provides a comprehensive critique of orthodox growth and trade theory, which continues to ignore the structure of production and trade and to treat the supply of factors of production as exogenous.

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Professor Jagjit ChadhaProfessor Jagjit Chadha  has been appointed as the Chair of the Money Macro and Finance Research Group, a study group that exists to promote and disseminate economic research in these fields.

The Group was founded over 40 years ago and acts as a key national forum for monetary economists.

It promotes discussion of new ideas and provides a facility by which academics, researchers, policy makers (especially from the Bank of England and the Treasury) and practitioners in the City can meet and debate issues of current importance. The Group provides the principal open forum for serious broad-based discussion of macro, finance and monetary economics on a regular basis in the UK.

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