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    The career prospects for our graduates are excellent. The School is placed 5th for graduate prospects in both The Guardian University Guide 2016 and the Complete University Guide 2017.
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    It's important that students not only get a good degree in Economics, but that they prepare for life after university. The School offers support and advice on what to do after an Economics degree.
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    We encourage our students to gain valuable work experience while at university, whether it's a spring week, a summer internship or a year working in industry.
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board room chairsWhen preparing for an interview it is important to think about the interview questions that you will be asked. Questions such as “what are your strengths”, “what skills and experience can you bring to the role”, “can you tell me about a time when…” However, some companies like to ask some more unusual questions. So if you are in the process of preparing for an interview take a look below at some more obscure questions for inspiration.

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Do you know what you want to do when you leave University? If not, don't worry, you are not alone. Many students leave university not knowing what to do next and there are many reasons not to panic.  

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NetworkingWhen it comes to job hunting the age old phrase of "it’s not what you know, but who you know" always appears to come up. Networking is a fantastic way of making contacts within organisations that interest you. These contacts can be a valuable resource when you are job hunting and could potentially lead you to hearing about jobs which haven't been advertised publicly. Indeed, up to 60% of job vacancies are not openly advertised ( 

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For many third year students the end of University life is looming. We understand this can be a pretty terrifying prospect for some students, especially if they have not really considered their options for life after graduation. The School of Economics will be holding Don't Panic! workshops after the Easter vacation.  These will be an opportunity to come and chat to us about anything and everything to do with life after Uni. We can look at CVs, help with interview preparation, discuss career ideas, think through postgraduate study options. No question will be too big or too small! 

People meeting around a tableAssessment centres are widely used by companies when recruiting graduates. Assessment centres usually last for half a day and consist of a number of exercises which are used to assess the skills and qualities the company require for the job.

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